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Selected as a "Song for Peace" by UN supported PEACE ONE DAY, Paul Korda's "Beyond the Darkness" was recorded at A&M Studio A Hollywood, where "We are the World" was recorded, and on location in East Los Angeles, the music video  born out of Paul Korda's teaching youngsters at the community centers of East Los Angeles, to outlet their frustrations through improvisational music creation. With
proceeds that will contribute to the Magnet School Program for the Performing Arts
there's little doubt that creativity can help steer our Earth back from the edge of destruction and help children to retain their innocence and build their character,
for if anyone can up up with solutions to problems of war, climate change and toxicity.

TV News Archive: Paul Korda "Beyond the Darkness" Project for Inner City Arts


Currently Paul Korda, having been being harassed by his landlords for many months, is now facing eviction in Los Angeles Superior Court with the next hearing on September 23rd to defend his right to remain in his home. Read about it on International Entertainment News.
Paul is in poor health, and hasn't the strength to move house. His doctors feel he could die if he becomes homeless. Please let Paul know you care by posting on the article. No log in.

Paul is compiling his legacy by putting up all four albums of songs so that you can stream them in HiDef on this site and then buy them here via Reverbnation.
The latest  24 track to digital song that Paul Korda remixed is a song that Alan Holdsworth accompanied Paul on called "Living in the Sky", an atmospheric song about life on a space station. You can stream it and buy it below. His "Dancing in the Aisles" LP is being transferred from 24 track to digital with astounding results in the first three remixes that you can hear in high definition on the player below too.

Paul Korda's "Don't Stop that Girl" within 3 days of mixing the song, was added to FM
station programs of legendary UK DJ Jim Richman. The song
features Hunt and Tony Sales, who played with David Bowie's Tin Machine, and also the Chambers Brothers on vocals.
The song is coupled with "Out in the Sun" that features J. Peter Robinson, former Phil
Collins keyboardist and now film composer, as well as guitarist Mike Miller, saxophonist
Al Kroll and Ric Parnell on drums.
Hear and buy the tracks below.

                                Listen to High Definition versions of tracks 

Paul Korda has seen many changes in Mankind, Music and their interaction in the Age of Technology since he began playing and writing, aged six, at his first boarding school, moving on to producing at Abbey Road studios in the 60's and continuing since then. On the site read about Paul writing songs sung by Roger Daltrey, Frankie Valli, Dave Edmunds, Elkie Brooks, PP Arnold, Teddy Brown, Frances Mike Brant, Italy's Patty Pravo, Mango and Francesco Renga. Also as an actor in the Original London cast of the musical "HAiR" to "Spinal Tap", "Pirates of the Caribbean", 'and 'The Pink Panther" .
The biography page has interesting photos and a music history that you can hear.
Writing page which is still under construction, will be devoted to Paul's lyrics and poems.
His new site "Beyond Other Worlds". has the first chapters of his memoirs
On the
Photos page, see Paul at the Pantages Theater Hollywood for the 2011 red carpet opening of the Tony awarded Broadway cast of the musical "HAiR" , as well as photos that his friends and he took while working on the movies Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man's Chest, as well as celebrating the 40th anniversary of the musical HAiR in Golden Gate Park. 
If you have comments or suggestions get the email address on the
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If you're interested in records Paul has written songs for, played or sung on, click on
Also there's the
interview he did with ECT News Network.

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Paul's albums can be bought on
7 Digital, iTunes, Amazon.com and other sites.
Also the Paul Korda album "Passing Stranger"  was recently released as a CD in the UK and USA, a review of the album is
The Second Disc



 Paul's self portrait in his recent visit to his hometown of Brighton

                           Gig in the 80's at LA Strip club!


                 Paul Korda promotion in late 80's for his rush release for RCA called "Out of Gas"

                              Billboard magazine ad for Janus Records release


Unless we forget!

As time grows late for me, I would like to leave you with a demo I recorded in the seventies, of a song that I wrote at the start of my career entitled "Of Nature's Way".
It's all about the precious nature of childhood and imagination. I wish that someday the world of Man will learn, that, as in their own childhood, a child needs innocence and peace to grow happily, and allow imagination to find Mankind's much needed solutions.
Thank you for your appreciation, and farewell.
Paul Korda




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